Create an Innovation Win-Win: Doing Business with Startups

Corporate teams know they should be tapping into the startup ecosystem somehow, but they don't always know how to get started. Techstars is pleased to partner with Innovation Leader to share our latest research on how large companies are engaging with startups to accelerate corporate innovation. This 50-page report highlights extensive survey data and actionable insights from interviews with over 100 innovation leaders in Fortune 500 companies.

Download the report to learn how your peers are embracing the disruptors.
Report Highlights:
    • Tech focus areas for large companies
    • Strategies for engaging with startups
    • Ways to measure impact and value
    • How to drive culture transformation
    • Challenge areas and obstacles
    • Insights, perspectives, and best practices
Techstars is a proven, world-class innovation partner for F1000 companies that helps teams to innovate by partnering successfully with new, promising startups/technologies. 87% of Techstars Startup Graduates are currently active or have been acquired. With $9.3B in collective funds raised and a market cap of $26.813illion, Techstars can confidently say they have the top, most promising startups in their network.